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Product Software Update - Off Tail Alert

Moocall Calving Sensor - Software Update - Off Tail Alert

Thanks to customer feedback, we identified that worrying whether the Moocall calving sensor was still on a tail was a concern for some, as well as actually keeping it on the tail. So today, after considerable testing, we have implemented a new feature for your Moocall calving sensor.

If the device falls off a tail, it will now send you an alert. 

How it works:

It takes about 10 minutes for this feature to kick in and for the device to understand it is on a tail.  Then if it falls off the tail it will send you a message within 30 minutes to let you know. 

Off Tail SMS

To update your sensor and avail of this great new free update, all you have to do is plug it into charge for 30 minutes. You will know you have the latest version of the software as your app or MyMoocall dashboard will show the software installed as version 0.1.079.

We hope this gives you further peace of mind and that you now will have confidence that your Moocall Calving Sensor is on the cow. 

If you are experiencing any difficulties keeping your sensor on the tail, we have a number of different straps and ratchets available. Please get in touch with our customer support team and they will do their best to help both via additional hardware (straps, ratchets etc) and also advice as to how to attach to the tail. Email or call us on +35319696038 to get assistance. 

You can also watch the following two videos which outline how to correctly attach to a small dairy tail as well as a larger beef tail. These videos show the lowest point you want to attach the sensor, so aim for slightly higher on the tail than shown.

Fitting Moocall to a large tail:

Fitting Moocall to a thinner tail:


We hope you find this update useful, we are continually striving to improve the product from both a hardware and a software point of view. As always, all feedback appreciated in the comments section below.


Jul 28, 2017 • Posted by LarryDrent





May 29, 2017 • Posted by Helen Hawke

‘Off Tail’ message is good improvement. I’ve also been hoping for a ring tone or gps signal (waypoint) to find the lost device in bedding or pasture field. This would be helpful to locate the calving cow when its on the tail, too. (Some cows hide in brush to calve)

May 13, 2017 • Posted by Marion clarke

Really pleased with the Moocall only had 1false alarm but I have used it 2years now one of the best things I’ve bought for the farm I would encourage every one to have one saves you getting up through the night when you don’t have to

May 09, 2017 • Posted by Tony Joyce

Can you call me back when you are free

May 08, 2017 • Posted by Jeremy Martin

Thanks for letting me know about the off tail alert. As it happens I have recently had some issues with the device falling off. Great timing.Now all I need is software to help me find it in the field! Many thanks Jeremy Martin

May 08, 2017 • Posted by Hugh dwyer

It’s works well ,the best thing ever purchased regarding cows calving

May 08, 2017 • Posted by Brian Daly

Hi, I am delighted to see that you have videos to demonstrate how to fit the moocall…..They are essential because there is only one way to atach them to the tail for effective monitoring…..For me it took me a while and a bit of frustration…..and am still learning!

May 08, 2017 • Posted by mena mcmanus

the moocall is reg to pat lord at 0868199616 although it was me who bought it for him and to be honest he is not that happy with it he returned it as he had very little success with it and in all fairness they sent him out another one and again i dont think he is content with it either maybe this new alert would be of benifit i will speak to him tonight or u can give him a ring on the number above

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