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The heat cycle of cows

The heat cycle of cows
Welcome back, we are continuing in our series on the reproduction cycle of the cow.

In my last post we brought our cow through from just having given birth back to normal conditions to begin cycling again.

Now itโ€™s time to discuss how that works and see whatโ€™s going on beside mounting all over the place flattening grass.

There are quite a few names going to be tossed around so hereโ€™s a quick reference if you need it:

Oestrus-the actual heat event
Estradiol-what makes the cow show all the signs of heat
Corpus Lutuem (CL)- The yellow body formed after ovulation
Corpus Albicans- the white remains of a regressed CL
Graafian Follicle- what the egg is stored in from birth to the heat it matures in
Prostaglandin (PGF2ฮฑ)- the hormone that resets the cycle by regressing the CL, found in Estrumate and similar products

Calving cameras vs Moocall Calving sensors

Calving cameras vs Moocall Calving sensors

One common misconception people have when buying calving equipment is that the Moocall calving sensor and calving cameras serve the same purpose.

Because of this, people often pick one, and leave the other at the wayside.

However, while both devices help you keep track of calving, they do it in very different ways.

Here's what they offer: