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Prepare your Moocall for calving season

Prepare your Moocall for calving season

In order to use your calving sensor most effectively this calving season, you should prepare it for action so you can hit the ground running.

With over 15,000 customers using our devices, the folks here at Moocall know the pitfalls and best practices for farmers using them.

Here's a short video to give you an idea of what to do:


We've also done up a checklist of things to do with your calving sensor before you enter calving season.

Managing a work/life balance

Managing a work/life balance

While running your farm and making sure you get the most out of it as a business as possible is important, it is also important not to overload yourself.

Managing a work/life balance is something many people struggle with, however with farmers it can be even more difficult as there is always something else you can be doing.

Part-time farmers in particular find it difficult to get a break, as most of their down time is spent in what is essentially a second job.

While it might seem like a necessary evil, it can actually have some drawbacks that will make you question whether it is worth it.