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Calving Sensor (incl. VAT)

329.00 EUR

Moocall monitors your pregnant cow so that you can get on with running your farm. Don't worry, when she needs you, we'll let you know. We monitor her contractions to accurately determine when she will most likely calf. Then we send an SMS alert to up to 2 phones to ensure that you can be present when calving occurs, usually about 1 hour prior...

Moocall Beanie (incl. VAT)

10.35 EUR

Look stylish and stay warm in this custom made Moocall Beanie. 

Moocall Body Warmer

49.95 EUR

Stay warm with the Moocall Body Warmer! Stylish vest with plenty of pockets. Water resistant fabric to keep the water off your back.   Note: A charge of €10 will apply to cover postage and packing if you wish to return your bodywarmer and be issued with a new one.   Bodywarmer Sizes: SMALL 36-38 Inches 92- 96 CM 46-48...

Moocall HEAT (incl. VAT)

1,500.00 EUR

Moocall HEAT is a collar that is worn by a stock or a teaser / vasectomised bull. Moocall eartags are attached to all cows and heifers. The collar then uses cow/bull proximity, mounting behaviour and bull activity levels to determine to an extremely high level of accuracy when a cow or a heifer is in heat.  What it tells you:...

Moocall RFID 25 Eartags (incl. VAT)

100.00 EUR

Contains 25 Moocall RFID long range eartags. These ear tags will not interfere with any other RFID tags, and are not reusable.  Compatible with Moocall HEAT and Moocall BREEDMANAGER.

Replacement Adjustable Ratchet (incl. VAT)

5.00 EUR

Adjustable Ratchet for your Moocall device. If your ratchet has become worn or damaged and is no longer getting grip on the strap you can replace it by unscrewing it.

Replacement Charge Cap (incl. VAT)

5.00 EUR

Replacement Charge cap for your Moocall device.   Important - by purchasing this part your warranty is now null and void. Unfortunately when the charge cap is lost we have to void your warranty as if you use the device without this part it is susceptible to damage.  If you would like the warranty reinstated - you can send us your device for...

Replacement Charge Kit (incl. VAT)

15.00 EUR

Replacement charger for your Moocall device. Please only use Moocall specific chargers to charge your devices.

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