Moocall is a tail mounted motion sensor. It measures tail movement to accurately predict the onset of calving. The customer needs to do is activate their device either online or by phoning Moocall. Then they simply charge the device overnight, turn it on by holding the power button for 4 seconds and put it on the cows tail opposite the vulva. Important not to put it overtight on the tail.

How do I activate my device?
You can activate your device at or by calling us on +35319696038. 

How easy is the unit to use?
The unit is really simple to use. Moocall calibrate it with your phone numbers so all you need to do is charge it over night and then it is ready to go on a cows tail. It has a toothed strap and ratchet for quick attachment to the tail which is easy to open and close. Takes approx 40 seconds.

How do I attach my Moocall to the cow?

The device is attached to your cows tail by simply closing over by hand and pulling it hand tight. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO OVER TIGHTEN YOUR DEVICE. You do not want to cut off the circulation to the cows tail, or irritate the cows tail. If the unit is too tight, it will likely send out some false text messages as the cows tail activity will increase due to the irritation. If calving has not occurred after 4 days, the device will remind you to take the unit off for about 4 hours to give the cows tail a break. 

Fitting Moocall to a large tail:

Fitting Moocall to a thinner tail:

How much notice will I get before the cow calves?
After receiving the first text message, you will have on average one hours notice before the cow calves. Easy calvings may result in shorter notice periods and difficult calvings could text two to three hours before. A second reminder text will be sent 1 hour after the first text if tail activity continues.

I have very poor network in my area.
The calving sensor is equipped with an embedded m2m chip that can work over different networks. There can be black spots in some parts of a rural farm. Our calving sensor will pick the strongest network every time to help ensure a text is delivered to you. We rarely have connection issues on our end, don't forget though that your phone needs to have phone coverage to receive the text alert.  You can test your sensor prior to use by double clicking the power button which will make the indicator light flash green until it connects to our servers and sends you a test sms message

How many Moocall units will I need?
One device is adequate for an average farm of up to 30 head. Farmers know their stock and if they manage the placement of their device well, they can capture as many as 6/7 calvings per week with just one device.
Bigger farms may require more than one unit. Pedigree breeders may also benefit from more than one unit
Moocall calving devices are particularly valuable to farmers in the following circumstances:
  • Early or late calvers (stragglers),
  • Heifers,
  • Night-time calving,
  • Pedigree breeds where vet assistance is often required
  • Farmers with other jobs which keep them away from the farm,
  • Where there is distance between the farmhouse and the herd or calving sheds.

How long will the battery last?
The battery lasts for up to 60 days in good network areas. Your Moocall device will send you an alert when the battery level drops to 15%. You can also login to 'MyMoocall' - an online dashboard where you can see your battery levels.

Is it rechargeable?
Our calving sensor is equipped with a usb port and battery charger. At the bottom of the sensor, there is a removable plastic part and inside is the charging port. The charger comes with a selection of international socket attachments to ensure it will be usable anywhere in the world. Do not use your Moocall device without this charge cap in place.

Do I need a base station?
No. There are no external wires, base station or instalments to be made on your farm. The Moocall calving sensor is a stand alone unit, much like a mobile phone.

Does the unit benefit from a warranty?
Yes. There is a one year warranty with the unit, which covers the electronics. 
All other components that can suffer wear and tear are not covered, ie. toothed strap. Moocall units are water resistant and should be cleaned with a brush or a damp cloth. Do not submerge the unit or use it without the charging cap firmly attached as water accessing through the charge port will damage your unit. Replacement parts are available by contacting us directly. 

How do I clean my Moocall device?
It is important to remember that much like your smart phone, this unit is an electronic device. With the charge cap securely closed the device is water-resistant, however it is vital that no water gets into the electronics of the  device. We recommend using a damp cloth or a brush to clean your Moocall. You can remove the inside rubber and wash that as needed.

How long will the unit last?
Moocall units are extremely strong, robust and fully sealed and can last up to 5 years when properly maintained. We recommend that customers follow the detailed care instructions included in the user guide which comes with the device.

Is there a chance the unit can be knocked off at certain times?
For example will it fall off the tail in tight areas, the cow rubbing off a gate or wall?
When the unit is attached to the tail in the correct position it is designed in a shape so that it does not catch on gates or feeding barriers. The strap liner makes it comfortable for the cow and allows for moisture egress. The specially designed ratcheted closing mechanism ensures that it will remain secured in the correct position and can only be released by the farmer when he or she wishes to move it to the next cow.
Please refer to the User Guide in order to view proper fitting instructions.

Will it work outdoors?
Yes, the unit has the ability to work over any GSM network. In fact it will use whatever network has the strongest signal at any given time.

My phone doesn't work in the field, will the Moocall sensor work?
Moocall can operate on very weak mobile signal as it only requires basic data to work. It will also use the strongest signal available from any network because of the world wide roaming sim chip. The unit comes with a roaming data service that operates on any network in 190 countries. No base station, power, or cabling is required for it to work. Your phone however, might not receive the message until it is back in coverage.

Is there a discount on more than one unit?
No, however we offer a 10% discount on the annual software charges when you own multiple devices.

What colour should the LED light be?
The led light will be flashing blue every 5 seconds while unit is working. To save on power this is very faint and may need darkness to be fully visible. You can always check the status of your device in the 'My Moocall' dashboard.
The led light will turn to red when unit is in calving mode. 
When calving is finished and before unit is attached to another cow, the farmer presses the reset button once and unit returns to working mode (blue light) 
The led light flashing amber indicates unit battery low. The unit will send you an alert at 15% power.
Further detail can be found provided within the User Guide.

moocall LED display


The unit is too big to fit some of the smaller tails on my cows.
If the tail strap is too big for a small tail, there is an extra piece of rubber supplied with the unit to allow for different tail sizes. We also can accommodate requests for different strap lengths if needed, just get in touch and we will do our best to look after you.

How do I turn unit on/off?
By pressing the reset button for 4 seconds the unit will turn on, hold it for 10 seconds to turn the device off. Once turned off, please allow at least 5 minutes for the device to shut down before switching it on again. To reset the unit just press the button once, you only need to do this when you are moving it to a new cow after a calving event has triggered.

Why do I have to pay again next year?
We charge an annual fee to cover our data, software, service and support costs. This charge is payable annually and there is no charge for the first year. It lets us do our best to support you moving forwards, develop new products that you will find useful and continually improve the software and the service we provide to you.   

The charge for data, unlimited texts, software updates and support is EUR€150 (including VAT) payable annually. Your first year is included in the price of the unit. This is not an automated payment, we don't keep any credit cards on file. We will contact you 2 weeks before your service is due to renew.

Is there any way I can monitor my devices online?
Yes, we have an online dashboard you can login to called 'MyMoocall'. In this area you can check your battery status on each device, check your calving history and also edit your alert phone numbers. (
More info: Watch a 30 second MyMoocall Video overview.

[Update]: Android app now available, click here to install.

Will Moocall work on a horse?
No. Moocall is not designed to go on a horses tail, the algorithm inside is calibrated for bovines. Please do not put this device on a horse or any other animal.   

What if I have a problem with my Moocall?
If for some reason you have a problem with your Moocall device, simply call our customer service team on (01)9696038 or (0203)6271126 from the UK and we will talk you through our repairs / replacement process. You can also contact us online.   

Have any other questions? 
Great. Get in touch!