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Get a text when your cow is ready to give birth


  • Get SMS text when your cow is approaching calving.
  • Proven greater than 95% accuracy
  • Tail-mounted, non-invasive
  • Ensure best start in life for your calf (Colostrum, etc.)
  • Once you save one calf, the device pays for itself.

  • This non-invasive, tail mounted sensor gathers hundreds of pieces of data a second. It can accurately predict when your cow is most likely to give birth by measuring tail movement patterns triggered by labour contractions. When they reach a certain level of intensity over a period of time it then sends an SMS text alert directly to your cell phone on average 1 hour prior to calving.

  • One Moocall Sensor - shipped unactivated.
  • 12 Months of data, software, updates, and support for the sensor (EUR €150 payable annually after year 1) which begins from date of activation
  • 12 Months of warranty on the electronics which begins from date of activation
  • Access to 'MyMoocall' - a dashboard to monitor alerts, battery status and easily control phone numbers associated with your device.
  • Power cord with Irish, EU and international plug adaptors for recharging (up to 60 day battery life)
  • New non-slip red rubber

  • BEEF


    IRL 01 969 6038
    UK 0203 627 1126
    US 1-800-657-4291
    France +33 64 46 41 169
    Germany +49 3222 109/5533
    Norway +47 23 96 26 55
    ROW +353 1 96 96 038
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