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Moocall Calving Sensor Information UK

Moocall Calving Sensor Information UK


Get a text when your cow is ready to give birth. Helping you assist every calving, with no more wasted shed trips.

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Get an SMS text before your cow calves.

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Never Miss Another Calving

  • Get SMS text when your cow is approaching calving.
  • Proven greater than 95% accuracy
  • Reduce calf mortality associated with difficult calvings
  • Ensure best start in life for your calf (Colostrum, etc.)
  • Once you save one calf, the device pays for itself.

  • Get a text when your cow is ready to give birth. Helping you assist every calving, with no more wasted shed trips.

    Calving Sensor



    From the moment your calf hits the ground, the quality of the dam's colostrum begins to drop. As you can see in graph (a), colostrum quality drops by 35% in the first 12 hours.

    To ensure your calf is getting the best quality colostrum, you need to be there as soon as calving happens to collect your cow's first milk.


    Graph (a)

    In the hours and minutes after calving, not only does colostrum quality drop, but the calf's ability to absorb nutrients drops too.

    As you can see in graph (b), after 12 hours, a calf can only absorb a quarter of the benefits from colostrum that it would have in the first 2 hours.

    Colostrum 2

    Graph (b)

    Colostrum absorption is paramount to getting a calf to survive as their near non-existent immune system needs that protection.

    Take into consideration that 1 in 5 of all calf deaths are from disease-related illness. Much of this is preventable, and with the Moocall Calving Sensor you can be there early to take the necessary steps in protecting your calf.
    Disease deaths

    Graph (c)

    Early involvement can make a huge difference in disease prevention in calves, but another area it can make a huge difference in is assisting calving.

    Graph (d) shows that 95% of calves survive when timely intervention is provided by a farmer. Sometimes your cow or heifer needs that bit of help when the calf isn't presenting properly or if their bodily condition doesn't allow for an easy calving.


    Graph (d)

    65% of all calf deaths can be attributed to Dystocia (difficult birth brought about by malpresentation of the calf or size of the uterus) .

    This can be prevented in many cases by early intervention - an advantage you can get from The Moocall Calving Sensor.


    This non-invasive, tail mounted sensor gathers hundreds of pieces of data a second. It can accurately predict when your cow is most likely to give birth by measuring tail movement patterns triggered by labour contractions. When they reach a certain level of intensity over a period of time it then sends an SMS text alert directly to your cell phone on average 1 hour prior to calving.

  • One Moocall Sensor - shipped unactivated.
  • 12 Months of data, software, updates, and support for the sensor (GBP £109 payable annually after year 1) which begins from date of activation
  • 12 Months of warranty on the electronics which begins from date of activation
  • Access to 'MyMoocall' - a dashboard to monitor alerts, battery status and easily control phone numbers associated with your device.
  • Power cord with British, EU and international plug adaptors for recharging (up to 60 day battery life)
  • New non-slip red rubber

  • UK 0203 627 1126
    IRL 01 969 6038
    US 1-800-657-4291
    France +33 64 46 41 169
    Germany +49 3222 109/5533
    Norway +47 23 96 26 55
    ROW +353 1 96 96 038