Terms and conditions of the Moocall Giveaway Promotion

By entering our Giveaway you agree to receive marketing information from Moocall. This will consist of some informational emails about the product. You can unsubscribe from these at any time, there is an unsubscribe link in every email.

We may also call you about Moocall to provide more information about the product to you. If you would rather we don't call, simply unsubscribe from our emails.

We will not email or call you about any third party products or offers.

What if I win?

Winners will receive one Moocall device, free of charge, which includes 12 months of service and usage. To continue using Moocall after the 12 months you will need to pay the annual charge of โ‚ฌ150. This is totally optional, if you choose not to pay, then the device will no longer work.

The annual payment covers the network connection, unlimited usage and sms, and also any software updates we release. Currently more than 90% of customers choose to pay the annual charge, which is a good indicator of the value they place on Moocall.

If you are a winner, we hope you will share a picture with us via Facebook of you and your device, or your new device on a cow. This is not mandatory, but we will really appreciate it!