The Mission

With population growing exponentially, there will be huge pressure on the agricultural industry to increase production over the next 30 years. In fact, we will need to produce more food between now and 2050 than all of mankind produced over the previous 8000 years.

The only way to achieve this will be to use technology to drastically improve production and efficiency of farming operations.

Moocall is on a mission is to develop products that use modern mobile technology, which integrate into agricultural life and operations seamlessly and in a cost effective manner to improve farm productivity. 

The idea

The idea for the Moocall calving sensor came about when one of the Moocall founding team, Niall Austin lost a heifer and her calf due to a difficult calving back in 2010. He had a theory that a device to measure tail movement might be able to predict the onset of calving and brought the idea to the other Moocall founders Michael Stanley and Emmet Savage. 

As they looked into the issue, it became apparent that far too many cows and calves were being lost during the calving process. Bovine mortality rates today are comparable to mankind giving birth unassisted centuries ago. It looked like this high mortality rate could be drastically lowered by utilising technology to monitor labour and triggering an alert prior to calving occurring. Simply being present at the birth to assist if needed, or call the vet to intervene if necessary, would have a beneficial impact on the health and safety of both cow and calf. 

Over the following years the three of them put a plan and a team into place to create a product to help solve this issue.

moocall logoniall austin moocall

The Moocall calving sensor 

The first Moocall product, the Moocall calving sensor, launched with the option to pre-order at the National Ploughing Championships in September 2014. Prototypes generated a huge amount of interest with more than 500 units being pre-ordered and thousands of farmers registering their interest in the product.

Moocall launched the Moocall calving sensor commercially in January 2015. Since then over 25000 sensors have been sold worldwide and the general reaction from customers has been phenomenal. Moocall is currently monitoring cows, heifers and unborn calfs in 40 different countries around the world. 


The Moocall calving sensor has been nominated for many design and product awards since launch. 

  • At the LAMMA show in the UK it won the best new technological product award.
  • It was nominated for the design of the year award by the British Design Museum, and displayed alongside the BMW i8, which lead to being featured on the BBC world news.
  • The Moocall calving sensor was also awarded a Red Dot award which is a prestigious German design award.
  • It won the Grand Prix prize at the Irish Design Awards.
  • A trophy was also awarded at the British Farming Awards, in the Machinery Innovator of the Year category.
  • The calving sensor was also nominated for the Irish Times Innovation of the year awards.

 Just like you, many of our team breed cattle themselves. We understand how to breed cows and heifers and we use the Moocall calving sensor on a daily basis in the field. Our passion drives us to continually work to improve both our software and the actual hardware of our devices to produce sensors that make your lives easier. 

To date, approximately 250000 calves have been born safely with their owners onsite ready to help if needed thanks to our Moocall calving sensors. We use this data to continually improve our product and help it become even better at predicting the onset of calving. 



In the summer of 2017 we released our free herd management software, called Breedmanager. This innovative mobile app shows you your breeding herd based on their current breeding status, rather than showing you all your animals. So for example when you look at in-calf heifers, we highlight those that are actually due to calve this week first. The Breedmanager is also fully integrated with our sensor products, which update the app with information about your herd automatically. Learn more about it here.



In September 2017 Moocall also announced that they were releasing a new innovation for the calving sensor. This consisted of a new non-slip red rubber. This new rubber makes it easier to attach to the tail (simply pull the strap by hand, no need to use the ratchet) as it is designed to be worn looser on the tail. The downward facing fins, prevent it from slipping off the tail even when it is worn relatively loose. 

What this means is it is more comfortable for the cow, easier to attach & can be worn for longer. 

Moocall HEAT

In September 2017 Moocall announced their third product, Moocall HEAT. This is a collar worn by a bull (breeding bull or a vasectomised / teaser / gomer bull). You also attach an RFID eartag to each cow or heifer. Put them all into the field together and enjoy tonnes of information such as exact times of standing heat; due dates and in-calf notifications; find cows that are empty or who have fertility problems early; and monitor bull health and fertility. 

This product will be available to purchase from January 2018 but is available to pre-order here

Check out this video over view of how it works:


The future

What does the future hold for Moocall? We are currently working on more innovative devices addressing other areas of farming, to make your operation more productive and more profitable. Stay tuned.