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Moocall is a wonderful product for retailers. It is innovative, solves a real problem for cattlemen, is priced well & looks great on the shelf. It works straight out of the box once the device has been set up. We provide full instructions within the packaging directing the customer how to set up their Moocall.

Moocall also provide training, point of sale displays & materials, and full back up & support through our head office. We make the process as simple as possible for you by tracking all sales, providing all customer service necessary, and by enforcing a strict minimum floor pricing policy.

We provide point of sale materials & fliers on orders of more than 10 devices.



To apply to be a new retailer or distributor of the Moocall calving sensor please contact us directly at

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The Moocall App includes a farming social network. Post pictures, ask questions, comment on discussions and engage with other members of the farming community based on location, interest or topic.
You do not need a Moocall calving sensor to get involved.

Manage your Herd

Also free to use for anyone is a herd management section. Add the cows and heifers in your herd by tag number, name or image. Set due dates, add calving events and keep calving records such as what bull was used and how the birthing went. Moocall will also create an ease of calving chart specific to your herd.

Manage your Calving Sensor

If you own a Moocall calving sensor there is some additional functionality. The app will make your phone ring when your calving sensor triggers, which works over wifi when your phone is out of coverage. No more missing texts in the middle of the night, our cow notification is guaranteed to wake you!

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